Amanda McClelland

Senior Vice President of Prevent Epidemics, Resolve to Save Lives


Amanda McClelland is the Senior Vice President of Prevent Epidemics and Resolve to Save Lives at Vital Strategies where she leads a team working to accelerate progress to make the world safer from the next epidemic. 

Amanda is a notable expert in international public health management, especially in emergency health, epidemic control, mass casualty in low resource settings, disease prevention and response operations. Her achievements include coordinating frontline Ebola response during the 2014 Ebola epidemic, for which she received the 2015  Florence Nightingale Medal for exceptional courage, and publishing a landmark study on the impact of unsafe burial practices, which confirmed the live-saving benefits of a comprehensive approach to Ebola prevention. She brings this expertise to the Prevent Epidemics initiative, prioritizing and planning interventions and support in countries and regions at risk from future epidemics and strengthening action packages in prevention, detection and response to epidemics. In addition to providing technical assistance, directly or through partners, Amanda’s team mobilizes resources to support preparedness, and works to galvanize political will to address gaps in epidemic preparedness.  

Prior to joining Vital Strategies, Amanda served as the Global Emergency Health Advisor for the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC). Amanda earned her Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia and her Bachelor of Nursing from Queensland University of Technology.

Amanda McClelland

Speaker Session

Speaker Sessions

Day 1
9:00 AM EST

Session I: COVID-19 – Case Studies from 23 Nations

Join for the debut of research on 23 nations’ COVID-19 responses undertaken by 78 researchers from 47 institutions across six continents. The researchers will unveil their findings on why some nations succeeded while others failed, and outline lessons learned to help navigate the ongoing pandemic and practice public health differently in the future.

Day 2
10:05 AM EST

Session VII: Implications – What The U.S. and World Must Do

Consider an affirmative agenda for what the global public health community—health, science, and policy experts—must do to ensure we never again endure a pandemic so costly in lives and livelihoods.